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Being the owner of your home provides you with many advantages, which are balanced by the responsibilities that you have toward your investment and the neighborhood. For instance, if you need home electrical wiring services, it is important that you hire a name that you can trust. At DeFilippo Electric, we strive to bring the best services to you at a competitive price no matter what type of work you need done in your home.

Our home electrical wiring services include a variety of things, starting with doing the initial wiring in a Home Electrical Wiringhome that you are having built. Whether you are still in the planning stages or getting things finalized, we can help you with your electrical wiring to ensure that everything is built to code so your home will pass inspection and you can get moved in.

Of course, once you are living in a place, there are many different reasons that you might need an electrician. For instance, if you have lights or outlets that are not functioning properly, you need to have them professionally assessed and repaired quickly. Poorly working electrical systems can pose a hazard to your home and could result in fire, depending on the reason behind it.

Perhaps you find yourself interested in adding a new room to your home or an outdoor kitchen. In either of these cases, you will need to have a professional tend to the wiring of your electrical systems. In addition to complying with state and local laws, our services will give you the peace of mind you deserve regarding the new living spaces your home has.

If you want to have a garage, shed or similar structure added to your place, it can extend the amount of space you have available for storage and enjoying your properties. We can make sure that your power tools will have all the juice necessary for you to engage in your creative woodworking or mechanical projects.

For those who are interested in converting the basement or attic into additional living space, good for you! Electrical Wiring For The HomeThese under-utilized areas of the home are getting more attention from folks these days who realize what a waste it is to leave these rooms unfinished. Whether you want another bedroom for the kiddos, a man cave retreat or a new craft space, we will make sure you have all of the outlets you need safely wired into your home system.

These are just a few of the services that we provide at DeFilippo Electric. You will receive the best customer service from a licensed electrician when you contact us. We provide competitive quotes and strive to make each of our customers happy.

Whether you have a single room that you want done or an entire house, give our offices a call. Then, you can set up an appointment to speak with one of our representatives about the home electrical wiring work you need done at your residential property!

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